A slice of history!

In 1949 when Patsy (Pasquale) opened the pizzeria, a cut of pizza (otherwise known as a slice) was .20 cents.

In 1949 when Patsy (Pasquale) opened the pizzeria, a cut of pizza (otherwise known as a slice) was .20 cents.




By The Slice

Cheese Slice…$4.29

Pepperoni Slice…$4.52

Whole Pizza

12” Cheese Pizza…$16.40

12” Gluten Free Pizza…$16.40

16” Cheese Pizza…$19.15


Mozzarella , Ricotta and one topping of your choice…$11.20


Pepperoni Onion Spinach

Ham Pineapple Tomato

Sausage Mushroom Garlic

Bacon Olive Basil

Jalapeno Anchovy


Spaghetti or Penne

with meat sauce or marinara sauce


with meatball or sausage


Cheese Ravioli

with meatball or sausage




Chicken Parmigiana

with Pasta


Eggplant Parmigiana

with Pasta



Green Salad…$6.20

Green Salad w/ Chicken…$9.75

Caesar Salad…$8.20

Caesar Salad w/ Chicken…11.20

Side Green Salad…$3.20


Meatball Sandwich…$8.95

Sausage Sandwich…$8.95

Chicken Parm Sandwich…$10.00

Eggplant Parm Sandwich…$10.00

Soup of the Day

Sm. $3.50 Lrg. $6.20

Side Dishes

Homemade Meatball…$3.20


Garlic Bread…$2.95

Side Green Salad…$3.20


Bottle Of Water…$1.75

Bottle of San Pellegrino Sparkling Water…$3.75

San Pellegrino Aranciata…$2.80

San Pellegrino Limonata…$2.80

Martinelli’s Apple Juice…$2.80

Sales Tax to be applied.

Items and Prices subject to change.

First to serve pizza in Los Angeles!

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This is where & how it all started

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Feature 1

It was here at 169 Ave. U in Brooklyn, NY that Patsy (Pasquale) opened his Pizzeria Napoletana in the 1930”s. Patsy in his apron taking a break out front exchanging jabs with his buddies, Swatz Mulligan & Sally the Sheik.

In 1937 Patsy would open a pizzeria in the North End of Boston at 95 Prince St.

Feature 2

In 1939 the two brothers, Franklyn & Patsy would travel from New York to Hollywood to introduce pizza & Neapolitan food to the west coast.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 5.50.38 PM.png

Feature 3

The brothers would open the Casa D’Amore in Hollywood, it was the first pizzeria in Los Angeles.


It was 1949 and the brothers decided to go their separate ways, Franklyn keeping the Casa D’Amore and Patsy opening a stall at the original Farmers Market.

Feature 2

The next year, 1950, Patsy would opened the Villa Capri restaurant in Hollywood. The restaurant would become a Hollywood celebrity favorite hangout. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jackie Gleason, Sammy Davis Jr., James Dean, Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe and other well- known Hollywood notables would frequently dine at the Villa Capri.


This is a 2008 interview with Dan Tana about the Villa Capri restaurant where he worked in the 1950's. This is for a future documentary by Filomena D'Amore whose father, Patsy (Pasquale) owned the Villa Capri. Please visit Patsy's Pizzeria in the original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax in Los Angeles!

filomena D’Amore


Today I am continuing the legacy I was left here at the original Farmers Market, serving our New York style pizza and Italian food.


You can find us in the original Farmers Market, just steps away from the Grove shopping center.

Hours opened: Monday - Saturday 10:00-9:00, Sunday 10:00-7:00.